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National BSDS Mohs Surgery Logbook

Dear Mohs surgeons,

Thank you for your interest to participate in the first national BSDS Mohs surgery audit using the standardised BSDS Mohs minimum dataset and logbook.

The dataset was developed by Prof Colin Fleming some years ago and has been available for voluntary use.

We have launched an online NHS secure, National BSDS Mohs Surgery logbook for you to record easily all your cases, collect the relevant data, and obtain summary reports for your portfolios.

Please note, this Mohs Logbooks is for Mohs surgeons, Mohs Fellows and those currently practicing or assisting Mohs surgery.  If not, please use our Non-Mohs logbook excel sheet: Here

Getting started

We need some basic information to use to set up your login details, and those for anyone in your unit who will need to enter data.

Every surgeon (both primary and assisting i.e. Mohs surgeons and attached trainees) needs an individual account, and also anyone entering cases or results data (e.g. a Biomedical scientist (‘Mohs tech’), secretary, administrator)

This will mean you can view reports for yourself or trainee, first surgeon or assisting.

For each user please advise the following via the blue button to the left:

  • Prefix (Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss)
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Grade (Consultant/Fellow/Registrar/BMS/Secretary)
  • (Speciality – default is Dermatology unless stated otherwise)
  • GMC/NMC number (if applicable)
  • Main work email address
  • Unit name*

*This will usually be the name of your unit or MDT. Examples already set up include: Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff. For London it would be your MDT or institution.

New features

  • We will modify and add features to the logbook in future. If you see something that you want to add or change:
  • FIRST, please check the detailed user guide to ensure it isn’t already there and you haven’t missed it.
  • If you are sure, please contact the executive officers at [email protected] and I will either fix/change quickly if uncontroversial or schedule a discussion at next committee if major.

Dr Adam P.J.J. Bray MBChB FRCP(UK) Derm
Consultant Dermatologist
Dermatological & Mohs Surgeon
Bristol, UK
Logbook Lead
On behalf of the BSDS Executive Committee