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Annual Awards

The BSDS presents a number of awards to its members each year.

The 2024 winners were:

Wooden Curette Award for Contributions to the Society
– Dr Emma Pynn

Ashley Cooper Award for Best Presentation at the BSDS Scientific Meeting 2024
– Dr Lucy Webber – ‘Survey of dermatological surgical training in the UK’

Award for Best Poster at the BSDS Scientific Meeting 2024
– Dr Kate Lawlor – ‘Pregnancy-associated melanoma: a UK-wide service evaluation’

Previous winners:

The Xiphos Award for Lifetime Achievement within the Society
Year Winner
2024 Dr Richard Motley
2023 Dr James Langtry
2022 Dr David de Berker
2018 Dr Graham Colver
2015 Dr Clifford Lawrence
2014 Dr Catriona Irvine


The Wooden Curette Award for Contributions to the Society
Year Winner
2023 Dina Ismail
2022 Dr Dev Shah
2019 Dr Ruth Murphy
2018 Dr Thomas Oliphant
2017 Dr Adam Bray
2016 Dr Colin Fleming
2015 Dr Lisa Naysmith
2014 Dr Walayat Hussain
2013 Dr Neil Walker
2012 Dr David de Berker
2011 Dr Raj Mallipeddi
2010 Dr Ashley Cooper
2009 Dr Irshad Zaki
2008 Dr Vindy Ghura
2007 Dr James Langtry
2006 Geoff Holmes
2005 Dr Cliff Lawrence – in recognition of his excellent work as Treasurer of the Society
2004 Dr Graeme Stables – for producing the Society’s Newsletter
Metal Man Award for Inspirations Contributions to the Society’s Affairs
Year Winner
2013 The Metal Man Award was presented posthumously to Dr Ashley Cooper for his outstanding contributions to the BSDS
2012 Dr Nick Telfer
2011 Dr Lisa Naysmith
2010 Dr Sandeep Varma
2009 Dr Graeme Stables
2008 Dr Bruce Gee
2007 Dr Graham Colver
2006 Dr David de Berker
2005 Dr Andrew Birnie – for his organisation of the Trainees’ Day.
2004 Dr Cliff Lawrence – for establishing a new level of jargon for email correspondence with the secretary.


The Ashley Cooper Award for the Best Presentation at the Annual BSDS Scientific Meeting (Renamed 2013)
Year Winner
2023 Dr Daniel Micallef – Rish factors for complications in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and proposal of a simplified follow-up strategy, making use of available healthcare resources
2022 Dr Alice Lee – An international, prospective cohort study CompAring Non-absorbable Versus Absorbable sutures for Skin surgery: the CANVAS Service Evaluation (scientific)
2022 Dr Hayley Smith – The spiralled Reiger flap: a  novel approach to the reconstruction of challenging defects of the distal nose: lessons learned from 44 cases (clinical)
2019 Dr Jason Thomson – Management of high-risk primary cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck region AFTER surgery (SCC-AFTER): results of a feasibility survey of cancer multidisciplinary teams
2018 Dr Rubeta N. Matin – Cochrane systematic review of diagnostic accuracy of dermoscopy in comparison to visual inspection for the diagnosis of melanoma
2017 Dr Prativa Jayasekera – Preoperative blood pressure does not predict bleeding risk in Mohs surgery patients
2016 Dr Nisha Rishi Arujuna – Dermatology surgery consent photo booklet enhances patient satisfaction
2015 Dr Beth Wright – Should additional preoperative precautions andn monitoring be performed for skin surgery in patients who have a cardiac rhythm device
2014 Professor Charlotte Proby – Surgical margins identified as a major area of uncertainty in the management of high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
2013 Prof Hywel Williams – Surgical excision vs. imiquimod 5% cream for basal cell carcinoma: a multicentre noninferiority randomized controlled trial
2012 Dr Rakesh Patalay – Basal cell carcinoma evaluation and tumour margin assessment using multiphoton tomography and fluorescence lifetime imaging
2011 Dr Amit Shah – Frozen section analysis for head and neck non-melanoma skin cancer excisions
2010 Dr Jame Shelley – Free cartilage grafts to repair ala nasi defects: with concurrent skin graft or secondary intention healing.
2009 Dr Sharmela Darne – Treatment of inflammatory acne with a 1450-nm smoothbeam diode laser- a split face randomized single-blinded controlled trial.
2008 Dr Rupert Barry – The role of cortical bone fenestration in the management of Mohs surgical scalp wounds devoid of periosteum. Dr Rupert Barry, Dr Cliff Lawrence and Dr James Langtry
2007 J. Fisher – Time in motion – testing efficiency in the Dermatology procedure setting
2006 Dr Andrew Birnie and Dr Sandeep Varma – Blood splashes to the face during dermatological surgery
2005 Dr Manjit Kaur – Primary cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma: a clinical review of 28 cases. M R Kaur and J R Marsden.
2004 Dr Sophie Weatherhead: Melanomas arising from naevi; effects on prognosis Dr Sophie Weatherhead, Dr Cliff Lawrence
Award for Best Poster at the BSDS Scientific Meeting
Year Winner
2023 Dr Sibel Demirel – Prospective study comparing ex vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy and frozen section histopathology of 23 basal cell carcinomas tested with Mohs micrographic surgery
2022 Dr William Hunt – Results of a clinician questionnaire assessing the design and feasibility of the SeCondary intention versus grAfts for heaLing scalP wounds study (SCALP)
2019 Dr Aaron Wernham – An analysis of changing patterns in U.K. Google trend data for dermatological surgery and a regional assessment of patient internet use prior to attending for surgical procedures
2018 Dr May Fadhil – Preliminary experience of reflectance confocal microscopy in diagnosing basal cell carcinoma in an NHS setting
2017 Dr Jemma Collins – Experience of the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS) to evaluate scars following Mohs micrographic surgery: A useful tool for the dermatological surgeon
2015 Dr Sue-Ann Ho – Development of a Mohs Surgery Histopathology Database
2014 Dr Anneke Kai – The effect of blood pressure on bleeding in Mohs surgery
2013 Dr Andrew Affleck – Use of the Skin Cancer Index to identify preoperative psychological morbidity
2012 Dr Mary Bennett – Necessity of full skin examination in a pigmented lesion clinic?
2011 Dr Mohammad Basra – An audit of the diagnostic accuracy and complete excision rate for skin cancers in primary and secondary care in the Cardiff area
2010 Dr Benvon Moran – Malignant cytology in washings of Mohs micrographic surgery instruments.