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Who we are

The History of the BSDS

The British Society for Dermatological Surgery started life as the British Dermatological Surgery Group (BDSG), the ‘brain child’ of Dr Stan Comaish in Newcastle.

Dr Comaish had worked in the USA and was very aware of the increasing interest in the surgical aspects of dermatology at that time. With the help of Drs Mike Dahl, Rod Dawber, Peter Kersey and Cliff Lawrence, and with the blessing of the BAD the BDSG was formed with the express aim of increasing surgical skills amongst dermatologists in the UK.

The society held its first surgical workshop in Newcastle in 1984 and on that occasion recruited the help of two well known American dermatological surgeons Dr Perry Robins and Dr George Popkin.

The Society is a Registered Charity No. 800213.


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