Annual Scientific Meeting

Jan 7, 2021

Location: Manchester Central

The BSDS Scientific Meeting will take place during the Annual Meeting of the BAD, which will be held at Manchester Central. The meeting will be held in the Exchange hall from 11:15 – 17:30, followed by the AGM at 17:30 – 18:00.

To register for the BAD Annual Meeting please visit the BAD website.

The BSDS will be celebrating its 20th Annual Dinner on the evening of Tuesday 7th July 2015. Tickets for this event can be bought when registering for the BAD Annual Meeting.

Guest Speaker

We are pleased to announce that our guest speaker this year is Jonathan Cook, Professor of Dermatology and Assistant Professor in Surgery, of the Duke University School of Medicine, North Carolina. He will be giving a lecture on “Finessing facial reconstruction”  at 3:15 – 3:45pm.

Jonathan Cook will also be lecturing in the BAD International Dermatology Session on the subject of “The Evolution of Reconstruction in Dermatological Surgery”. This will take place on Wednesday 8th July at 9:20am  in the Exchange Auditorium.